December 2019 to present

4 years and 8 months

  • London, England

Vice President Software Engineer

Goldman Sachs

Global Credit Technology (FICC)

  • Oversees pre-trade flows and applications in EMEA.
  • Manages an engineering team and report to global Stakeholders.
  • Participates in global engineering & development efforts to uplift and abstract underlying Market Making data flows.
  • Daily interactions with Traders & Stakeholders for monitoring objectives (OKR) and gathering operational needs.
  • Technologies used: Java, Kafka, MongoDB, Vert.x, ZooKeeper, TypeScript, SASS, React, Angular, Slang (proprietary), SVN, Git

May 2018 to December 2019

1 year and 8 months

  • London, England

Associate Software Engineer

Goldman Sachs

Global Credit Technology (FICC)

  • Responsible for high throughput business critical Market Making applications for Corporate & Government Bonds, Loans, ETFs, Single-name CDS and Indices.
  • Project lead on monolith decoupling to highly scalable and resilient microservices of business critical components for distribution of indicative levels.
  • Third party APIs integration and collaboration with Bloomberg.
  • Planning and execution of Reuters Market Data System (RMDS) cross-regional upgrade.
  • Daily interactions with Traders for troubleshooting and requirement & feedback gathering.
  • Technologies used: Java, Kafka, MongoDB, Vert.x, ZooKeeper, TypeScript, SASS, React, Angular, Slang (proprietary), SVN, Git

April 2017 to May 2018

1 year and 2 months

  • London, England

Senior Software Engineer


  • Money transfer software solutions for banks, Money transfer operators (MTOs) and B2B.
  • Represented the company at the IMTC World 2017 in Miami (International Money Transfer & Payments Conference).
  • Wrote technical specifications for 64 client projects.
  • Engineered and implemented an internal automated billing system.
  • Integrated with 22 third party systems.
  • Technologies used: PHP, Java, Doctrine, PostgreSQL, SOAP, REST, JavaScript, Laravel, Symfony, Mercurial, Git

May 2015 to April 2017

2 years

  • London, England

Software Engineer


  • Money transfer software solutions for banks, Money transfer operators (MTOs) and B2B.
  • Increased security with Two Factor Authentication, Encryption, Blacklist, Anti-money laundering (AML) and KYC implementations.
  • Wrote technical specifications for 40+ client projects.
  • Engineered and implemented an internal platform to control and perform Data Analysis on client systems.
  • Integrated with 17 third party systems.
  • Engineered and implemented Web Services to connect with Mobile Apps, Kiosks and Custom Front-ends.
  • Engineered and supervised the development of a white labelled Android app.
  • Improved internal code management/quality by establishing the use of branches, merge requests and code reviews.
  • Technologies used: PHP, Java, PostgreSQL, SOAP, REST, cURL, JavaScript, Laravel, Symfony, Mercurial, Git

May to September 2014

5 months

  • Oxford, England

Master research

Oxford Brookes University
Cognitive Robotics Laboratory

Real-time pointing gesture recognition system:

  • Built and trained an Artificial Neural Network using back-propagation with an accuracy of 88.1 %.
  • Increased state-of-the-art pointing direction accuracy to 5.3°.
  • Technologies used: Python, Kinect, PyOpenNI, OpenCV, NumPy, PyQt, Git.

September 2012 to 2013

1 year and 1 month

  • Remotely in Tianjin, China

Web developer


  • Development of a private web-application to coordinate all interventions, provide simplified feedbacks and securely hold client informations; used daily by all employees.
  • Technologies used: PHP, MySQL, SASS, jQuery, Gmail API, Google Calendar API, Grunt, Git.

August 2012

1 month

  • Sendaï, Japan


Ganbaro Miyagi

  • Supervised groups of 8 – 10 Japanese children during whole weekend excursions in a mountain.
  • Assistant for English courses provided to groups of 3 – 5 Japanese adults.

November 2011 to July 2012

9 months

  • Remotely in London, England

Backend developer


  • Developed a tailored framework of a social network with private messaging, friend lists, ranks based on overall activity and event planning.
  • Technologies used: PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, jQuery, Google maps API, CRON.

May to September 2011

5 months

  • Montréal, Canada

Software Engineer, Intern


Java Twitter streamer app

  • Improved application stability and reliability; increased its processing up to 50 tweets /s.
  • Increased performances through multi-threading and memory optimisations.

Social media trends analysis web-app development and bug-tracking (Twitter, Facebook, Google+)

  • Integrated real-time statistics and controls of the twitter streamer with graphics.
  • Improved latency through advanced deferred module loading.
  • Fixed all known issues from the bug-tracker and updated the documentation.
  • Technologies used: PHP, CodeIgniter, MySQL, HTML, CSS, jQuery, Highcharts, SVN.

July to September 2009 & 2010

6 months

  • Moûtiers, France

Developer & Technician

ISD Informatique

  • Development of showcase websites and a taxi booking solution.
  • Created a tailored back-office to handle hotel reservations.
  • Technologies used: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, Prototype, script.aculo.us.
  • Fixed and configured computers running Ubuntu, Windows ME, XP, Vista, 7, Server 2003 & 2008.
  • Implemented Debian network solutions. Installed hotel WiFi hotspots (secure access and logs).
  • Miscellaneous troubleshooting (laptops, desktops, routers, access point).

2004 to present

20 years and 7 months

Web Developer


I'm crafting websites, plugins and back-offices for several businesses and associations for 20 years so far...
You can have a look at my portfolio for further details and screenshots.


Fall 2013 – May 2014

  • Oxford, England

MSc. in Software Engineering

Oxford Brookes University

  • GPA: 3.97 out of 4.0
  • Graduated with distinction.
  • Graduate Coursework: Formal Software Engineering; Paradigms of Programming; Software Production; Programming Applications; Secure Systems Architecture.
  • Implemented B Method and Spec# projects with complete validation.
  • Experimented with: Imperative languages (Ruby), List-based languages (Lisp), Concatenative languages (Factor), Functional Programming (Haskell), Logic Programming (Prolog).

The Department of Computing and Communication Technologies Prize

Awarded for outstanding achievement in the Master of Science in Software Engineering.

Fall 2009 – May 2013

  • Nice, France
  • Montréal, Canada
  • London, England
  • Tianjin, China

MSc. in Computer Science

Supinfo International University

  • GPA: 3.28 out of 4.0
  • Member of security and iOS development laboratories.

Learned and re-enforced my knowledge in the followings:

  • Development: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C, C++, Java, PHP
  • Database: Oracle PL/SQL 11G
  • Other: Web strategy, Agile

Experienced with the followings even if they do not suit my preferences:

  • Development: Assembly, Objective-C, Android, Windows Phone, iOS
  • Network: Cisco CCNA & security, Microsoft Sharepoint & Exchange, VOIP
  • Administration: Mandriva, Suse, Kali, OSX server, Windows server
  • Other: Ethical Hacking, IT law & management, ITIL, Merise

June 2009

  • Hyères, France

French Scientific Baccalaureate

Maintenon Private High school

  • Graduated with honors.
  • Speciality: Physics and Chemistry.



Scored 970 out of 990 at Beijing Language and Culture University (China) in April 2013.

  • French:

    Fluent (native)

    Speaking, Reading, Writing

  • English:


    Speaking, Reading, Writing

  • Spanish:


    Speaking, Reading, Writing

  • Japanese:


    Speaking, Reading, Writing

  • Mandarin:



Key Skills

Software Development

C++ (+ Qt & SDL), Java, Python

Web Development

PHP (OOP), SQL (MySQL, Oracle & PostgreSQL), HTML, CSS (+ SASS), Javascript (+ jQuery & Node.js)

School projects


Breakout-style game

Coded for the Emu86 Simulator.

  • Solved inaccessible bricks by altering the ball angle when the latter bounces on a corner of the paddle.
  • Features colors and score screens.

C / C++

Space Invaders clone

Coded with SDL.

Search Engine indexer

  • Constructs a forward index as a preparation for an inverted index.
  • Updates document and posting directories.

Shortest path solver for Mapping solutions

  • Implements Dijkstra algorithm between two vertices of a graph.
  • Reduced memory space thanks to object handlers.

Unlesbar cryptographic vulnerabilities patching

Discovered and fixed 6 major flaws leading to information disclosure, password recovery and data access.

Tower defense

Coded with Qt.

Poker game

Coded with SDL.


Space Invaders clone

Coded with hsSDL2.


Restaurant food ordering for Android tablets

Allows clients to order food and notifies managers, cooks and waiters with adapted touch interfaces.

  • Implements Android Cloud to Device Messaging (C2DM) push notifications, now deprecated.
  • Features SSL encrypted connections.
  • Uses Java Persistence API

Mastermind clone Server & Client

Coded with Swing and TCP Sockets.


Educational tool to demonstrate Logic Gates and Boolean Algebra

Coded with jQuery.

  • Employs HTML5 canvas elements to create logic gate circuits by linking and wiring unlimited combinations of 7 different gates.
  • Detects unknown states and under-powered elements.
  • Uses Grunt task manager to gather all prototypes accordingly.
  • Features unit-testing thanks to QUnit.

Isometric MMORPG of a Farmville clone

Coded with Node.js

  • Features an infinite persisted map generated live when accessing unexplored areas.
  • Improved visibility by rotating the map in 4 different angles.
  • Implements A* algorithm for path finding as characters can move in 8 directions.
  • Animated players and interactions.
  • Includes day/night transitions and animated natural disasters such as tornados for more realism.
  • Farmers can perform up to 12 actions with 6 different buildings and plants.


Renting management platform


  • Features notifications and WYSIWYG forms.
  • Generates RSS feeds.


RSS news aggregator for Windows Phone

Displays feed articles and allows to manage subscriptions by category.


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